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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Alienware Laptop

Empire IT has been set in the IT service industry for a considerable period, with a determined goal of providing smooth, speedy solutions and always aiming to achieve customer satisfaction. To us, contentment does not limit to only good customer service but also reliance and consistency in our work.

Dell Alienware Repair



Dell Alienware LCD Display Replacement

Taking advantage of the limited variations of Alienware models. We keep in inventory the full range of Alienware LEDs, ranging from 14” to 18.4”, repair service can be completed within a single working day.

All Dell Alienwares are installed with signatory LED lighted keyboards. We have the full series of original keyboards kept in stock, ready to complete any Alienware keyboard replacements within an hour.

Dell Alienware LED Litted Keyboard

Your start-up process can be sped up by updating bios firmware, However, failure in flashing successfully can result in brick, we recommend you to send it to our experienced techies to complete the job, as we can revert the process in case anything goes wrong.

Dell Alienware Bios Updating

As you are using a notebook with high processing speed and heavy graphic capabilities, your heatsink is of very significant importance, based on past experiences, it takes only 20 minutes of usage while on a faulty fan to damage the graphics chip permanently.

Dell Alienware Heatsink and Fan Assembly

We try to trace the root of the computer fault, resolve them and then update you on the information you need to know in order to prevent them.

Dell Alienware Software Issues Troubleshooting

Due to the heat generated by your high end graphics card, it may frequently result in damaged chipset. We are able to replace the whole graphics chipset upon your request. Duration required is estimated 2-3 days.

Dell Alienware Circuit Board Trace and Repair

Broken Laptop LCD Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We endeavor to complete all LED screen replacement services on-the-spot. Usually can be completed with an hour.

Common problems are single key missing or some keys not responding. Depending on the symptom we are able to address to the problem accordingly.

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Many Other Alienware Laptop Repair Services Available

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Dell Alienware Internal Optical Drive

If you start to encounter lag or glitches on your gaming series notebook, which shouldn’t be happening. There is a slight chance that it could be due to a worn hard disk drive, we recommend to send your computer in for a full hardware check @ $30.

Although the disc function is seldomly used, it can be frustrating for it to fail when needed. Have your optical drive replaced within 30mins if yours has malfunctioned. Job can be completed on the spot and is paired with a 30 days of standard hardware warranty.

Dell Alienware Hard Disk Drive

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