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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Compaq Laptop

Compaq Laptop Repair

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Replacing LCDs are cost effective as your laptop could fetch a higher value after the repair. Call us to learn more details about our services.



Compaq Laptop LCD/LED Display Panel(All Models)

We have all the different types of Compaq power port jack in stock. If your charging pin is broken, we replace only the power jack and charge at a cheaper price compared to motherboard repair.

We have services ranged from whole keyboard replacement to single letter key repair. If you have missing keys, we replace each of them for $6.

Compaq Notebook Keyboards(All Models)

Your laptop’s system time is being stored in a Bios chip with this battery powering it. Erratic behavior of your PC might occur if the system time is not correct.

Compaq Notebook CMOS Battery

We have a full range of parts and techniques to restore your laptop’s hinge back to good condition. The repair cost is ranged between $80 to $160, depending on the condition. Repair duration takes about 2-3 working days.

Compaq Laptop Hinges

Rattling noises emitting from the back of your laptop could be due to a stucked wire or broken fan blade. We can disassemble the laptop infront of you and ensure that only the faulty part is replaced.

Compaq Fan Replacement

Are you troubled by viruses? Seek our help to resolve frustrating computer problems, we provide face to face assistance on software error troubleshooting.

Compaq Laptop Software Troubleshoot

We are able to trace out the defective chips and electronic components of your Compaq mainboard, and our repair service include an after repair warranty term of 30 days.

Compaq Mainboard Repair Services

Flickering Screen, Horizontal/Vertical Lines across your display or Smokey image are common symptoms of faulty display panel.

Compaq Laptop Power Port Jack(All Models)

Many Other Compaq Laptop Repair Services Available

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Laptop Internal Fan Cleaning

Dust clogged in your laptop could cause major problems if unattended, We are able provide you with a exterior and internal fan cleaning service for your laptop.

Our company value customer interest as our utmost priority, we respect your privacy and thus provide many on-the-spot repair services, keeping our operations as transparent as possible. Along with maintaining promptness, to in-keep quality, every job is entitled to 30-90 days warranty period.

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