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Technology is ever evolving, diverting your professional manpower into handling computing requirements could waste alot of precious resources. At Empire IT, our consultants are constantly kept in touch, as technology is part of our regular jobscopes, we are always prepared to facilitate an efficient solution whenever needed.

Timely Response

We are ready to resolve any forms of technological crisis you could pose to us. With an extensive amount of spare parts kept in inventory, most issues can be resolved quickly and enable you to resume your operations.



Knowledge gained by actually troubleshooting through years of computer-related errors. Accumulating to an index of solutions right at our fingertips, enhancing effectiveness and quality.

IT Outsourcing

Internet Connectivity Setup

When you outsource, you reduce expenditures associated to employment while retaining competant technical support. Outsourcing trends on IT assistance has taken a rise in both local and global markets. Empire IT provides assurance on resolving the most critical computer errors with our utmost efforts while inkeeping a no fix no charge policy.

I.T Outsourcing

Quipped with a large quantity of server ware in our store, we are able to provide fast turn-around fixture for crashed servers. For prevention, we offer a series of customized maintenance services for servers of any brands and models.

Server Maintenance and Repair

Back-up solutions are commonly overlooked until an error strikes, At Empire IT, we secure your data and meticulously scan through the file attributes and allocate them respectively for easier access in the future.

Data Migration & Back-Up

We have 90% succession record on retrieval of corporate and end-user level data. Covering an extensive range of products and file systems, e.g Smartphones, Hard-Disk-Drives, Raided Drives to Solid State Drives. As long as it has a record of storing your data, we can resurface them.

Company E-mail Domain E.g: “Admin@empire-it.com.sg”

In todays modern age, communication technology holds a major role on increasing productivity, being connected unfolds access to a vast amount of information which can uncover many ways into increasing proficiency. Empire IT is adepted to set up internet connectivity of various scales.

Brand identity is regconised when your company’s name is attached to the end of your mail addresses. Adopt our services to enjoy a smooth set up process from consultation to live mail domain.

New Computer Systems Acquisition

A strong suite of computers is vital to a company’s advancement, we are versed in customising computers to your requirements, engage our services to utilise your budget to it’s fullest potential, saving you expense while attaining computing speed.

All Rounded Expertise

On-Site Technical Support

We can resolve your computer errors under your observation, at your location. Quipped with a vast inventory, we are able to turn-around most computer disasters swiftly. Our technical support team endeavors to respond to your inquiries within 4 hours during working days.

Product Brands

Mobile Devices