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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a comprehensive range of data recovery services

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Data Recovery

Empire IT poise ourselves to providing excellent workmanship at reasonable prices. We are experienced and strives to inkeep customer satisfactory as our objective. We have a pleasant record of data recovery succession and we do not price your recovered data at astronomical figures.

Timely Response

We are ready to resolve any forms of technological crisis you could pose to us. With an extensive amount of spare parts kept in inventory, most issues can be resolved quickly and enable you to resume your operations.

Knowledge gained by actually troubleshooting through years of computer-related errors. Accumulating to an index of solutions right at our fingertips, enhancing effectiveness and quality.

All Rounded Expertise



Hard Disk Drive PCB Component Damage

Hard Disk Drive Motor Failure

This is the bios chip of a hard disk, storing file signatures that will allow your motherboard to detect and access the files. An exact same chip is required.

Firmware Chipset Replacement

Bent needle tips are the most common fault for drive failures, the only solution is to extract out the existing reader and replace it with an exact same model. This process is performed in our class 100 clean room.

Hard Disk Read/Write Head Replacement

Accidental file deletion from the computer is still recoverable using a software recovery. We encourage to halt usage of the device to prevent automatic over-writing of the deleted files.

Deleted Data File Recovery

On top of the files recovery, if your disk was being used as a windows drive, we are able to restore your operating system to the state just before the crash. Saving you time from reinstalling your softwares.

Windows Operating System Restoration

On detection of PCB failure, we are able to trace through the circuit and identify any failed components and replace them with new electronic components, reviving your hard disk to a workable condition, enough for data recovery process.

In cases of a non-spinning hard disk, we use a special tool and skill set to repair the existing motor carefully without contaminating the platter. We hold a 90% succession rate on this error.

Product Brands

Mobile Devices


We are delighted to present to you a high succession rate Solid State Drive Data Recovery Service. Up to date, we are the first in Singapore to provide this service. And we are confident in retrieving back your lost data from an SSD. No Recovery No Charge Policy applies.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery