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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Dell Laptop

We are a team of dedicated professionals at Empire IT, competing to offer you with the most satisfying computer usage experience or to provide you with quick and precise computer repair service on your broken hardware. Do not worry if our repair duration are short as warranty is covered as part of our after sales service.

Dell Laptop Repair

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Internal Fan Cleaning

The display screen of a notebook are fragile and very susceptible breaking by accident, and thats why we provide quick turn over services for cases of broken laptop screens.



Dell Notebook Keyboards(OEM)

Broken glasses are worth replacing. Up to date, the return rate of customers for warranty purposes on screen replacements are low.

If you start to hear clicking sounds emitting from your notebook’s hard-drive, it is an imminent symptom that the HDD is failing, do not continue using the computer to avoid data loss.

Dell Notebook Internal Hard Disk Drive

Our Dell DVD replacement service extends from replacement of the extracting stuck discs to replacing the whole DVD Drive. Call us for free advises through our hotline.

Dell Notebook DVD-RW Optical Drive

The side latches securing your laptop screen might be damaged or weaken due to wear and tear. Send your laptop to us early, before it deteriorate and damage the laptop’s frame.

Dell Laptop Hinges

Non-static hardwares (e.g HDD, Laptop Fan, Dvd-drive) are more prone to wear and tear, compared to hardwares like e.g thumb-drives and SSD. If you have a worn out fan, contact us today.

Dell Fan Replacement and Fan Cleaning Services

At Empire IT, we understand that your data is confidential, we strive to keep our services as transparent as possible for your convenience.

Dell Laptop Software Troubleshooting

We offer a no fix no fee solution for damaged motherboards on Dell laptops. Our technicians are competent and specialized in this field.

Dell Mainboard Repair Services

Did you accidentally spill water onto your Dell laptop? If the error is a irresponsive keyboard, quickly send it to us for a keyboard replacement + chemical cleaning before the moisture further damage your motherboard.

Dell LCD/LED Display Panels (All Models)

Many Other Dell Laptop Repair Services Available

Feel free to call/sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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Even if your computer is running fine now, you might want to maintain its condition by sending it to us for regular fan cleaning.

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