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Blue Screen Of Death

Computer Virus

PC Overheating

Unable To Start-Up

New PC Setup

Network Setup

The BSoD is an error screen displayed when your system encounters a critical error, and cannot continue to operate its’ system files regularly, hence causing the computer to crash. Call Alden at -Taking a short break- to fix your Blue screen issue.

A concealed program that commonly attempt to steal information(e.g Facebook passwords, internet banking data). Call Alden at -Taking a short break- for Virus Removal today.

Auto-Shutdown and slow response could be signs of a overheating processor, graphic card or power supply. Call Alden at -Taking a short break- for a Full Hardware check today.

For blank screen during start-up symptom, one out of the eight hardware components comprised in your desktop could be faulty. Call Alden at -Taking a short break- for a On-the-spot hardware change.

Customized desktop PC specifically tailored to your budget and requirements.

Call Alden at -Taking a short break- for a brand new system quotation.

Slow network or frequent disconnection could be due to a faulty or poorly set up router. Call Alden at -Taking a short break- for network diagnostics today.

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Many Other Desktop Repair Services Available.

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