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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a comprehensive range of repair services for your beloved Desktop

Empire IT provide premier workmanship at affordable prices. Our team are knowledgeable and strives to provide on the spot service as much as possible, always keeping customer’s satisfactory as our main goal. Quality is not forfeited from providing speedy services, every job will be tagged with 30 - 90 days of warranty period.

Hard Disk Drive Replacement

We understand that your personal data are important to you, and that’s why we offer new Hard Disks for Windows installation, By doing that, your existing data will not be affected.



Hard Disk Drive

Internal Desktop Memory

This component has a surprisingly low failure rate, out of my many years of desktop repair, faulty processor are very uncommon.

Desktop Processor

Faulty DVD-Rom drives can hinder the power flow of the power supply unit and cause the computer to be unable to boot up. You might want to do some self troubleshooting by unplugging this part.

Internal Desktop DVD-RW Drive

One of the easiest self repairing step you can undertake, if your computer emit excessive noises, check every fan for cable blockage.

Desktop CPU fan

Our techs are able to choose the most suitable replacement motherboard that could save you cost and improve your computing speed. Engage our affordable quality services today.

Desktop Motherboards

Power Supply Unit

Many Other Desktop Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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We are able to Jack up your Desktop computer’s speed to unimaginable extends. You just have to state out your budget and requirements and we’ll offer you with the most cost effective solutions.

Desktop Repair

When your computer doesn’t turn on, you might assume that multiple parts of your desktop is broken. Adversely, the only single fault might be lying on a faulty PSU.

This part has the highest failure rate out of the seven basic desktop components, slow boot up speed and ticking noises emitting from HDD are preceding symptoms of failing hard disks.

On contrary to common beliefs, increasing RAM doesn’t speed up computing usage, your computer will merely be able to support more multi-tasking with additional RAM.

Is your computer’s speed slow?

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