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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Fujitsu Laptop

Many of us would think that repairing is not an economical option compared to getting a new laptop that cost $399. But have you check the specifications of a laptop retailing at $399? I did, the speed is incredibly slow and valuable time would be wasted while waiting for items to load.

Fujitsu Laptop Repair

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Did you accidentally drop your precious notebook, we are able to adjust our services to suit your needs, if you just require screen replacement without repairing the dented laptop frame.



Fujitsu Replacement Keyboards

Do not leave any hard objects in between your laptop’s screen and keyboard, it will result in a broken LCD if you shut the laptop’s lid unknowingly. Call us and receive a price quote today

If your work documents is of greater concern, our staff will prioritize in recovering your work documents first, before proceeding with any other repairing services.

Fujitsu notebook hard-drives

Tip: For 90% of all DVD drives, theres a small needle sized hole in front. You can insert a paper clip to force eject the drive and extract out stucked discs.

Fujitsu-compatible notebook DVD-Drives

Hinge serves as a stand that holds your screen in place. We advise early repair for broken hinges, before the condition worsens to a point of unusabliity.

Fujitsu Laptop Hinges

If you feel that laptop’s fan is not spinning, send it in for a free evaluation. Further usage of the computer might damage the motherboard.

Fujitsu Internal Fan Assembly

Is your computer running slow? We provide over the counter diagnostics and provide solutions that can speed up your laptop faster then its brand new condition.

Fujitsu Notebook Technical Support

No image? can’t power up? Some chips might have been degraded. We offer circuit tracing and replacement services to fix those issues.

Fujitsu Mainboard Repair Services

Brand new Fujitsu Siemens keyboard available. Call in to check price and stock availability for your model. Est. duration taken for repair: 1 hour.

Fujitsu Laptop LCD/LED Panels

Many Other Fujitsu Laptop Repair Services Available

Feel free to call/sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We understand that your laptop is an essential tool of your everyday lives, thats why we strive to provide a same day collection term for keyboard replacement service.

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