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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved HP Laptop

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Check out our low cost for replacing your LCD/LED screen panel by calling Alden at his hotline. Your convenience and satisfactory is our main concern.



HP Replacement Keyboards

HP notebook hard-disk drives

One recent trend now is to swap out the DVD Drive and install in a hard disk bay. Allowing your laptop to run on two internal hard disk drives.

HP-compatible notebook DVD-Drives

If you notice cracks surfacing the area latching your LCD screen. Based on experiences, this condition could worsen very quickly. We recommend you to not further stress the hinge.

HP Laptop Hinges

If your notebook is overheating or making creaking sounds, you may need to get it replaced or engage in our fan cleaning services. Fan cleaning on HP notebook is at $60.

HP Internal Fan Assembly

Our techs are quipped with experience and knowledge to assist you in resolving many common software problems quickly.

HP Notebook Technical Support

Our team are experienced in resolving circuitry problems on any laptop’s mainboard. Rest assure that you are sending your precious computer into good hands.

HP Mainboard Repair Services

HP Laptop LED Display Panels

Many Other HP Laptop Repair Services Available

Feel free to call/sms @ -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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Laptop Internal Fan Cleaning

If you frequently use your notebook in dusty environments, dust might be clogged inside your computer. This is one of the root determinant for motherboard damage. Send your laptop to us for cleaning today.

HP Laptop Repair

Brand new LCD panels in stock for all HP Laptop models. Call us now and provide your model information for a price quote. Estimated duration taken for repair: 1 hour.

Are some of your keyboard’s button popping out? We have services ranging from replacing individual buttons to replacing the whole keyboard. Approximate Time Taken: 1 hour.

One substantial method to accelerate your computer’s speed is to replace the hard disk drive and re-install a fresh copy of windows system.

Empire IT sets out to provide you with an array of IT services for your convenience. Every completed job are entitled to 30-90 days of hassle free warranty. We are technically well rounded, offering repair services for Apple, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Compaq and many more. Please do not hesitate to contact me in regards to any inquiry you might have.

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