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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved IBM ThinkPad

In our opinion, we rate IBM Thinkpad series as the most valuable buy for any windows based laptops, It has a classic look and is paired with some brilliantly engineered design that helps with durability. In case you face any issues with your handy laptop, you can drop by to recieve a free over the table evaluation at our service centre.

IBM ThinkPad Laptop Repair



IBM ThinkPad LCD/LED Display Panels

Due to the vast variety of Thinkpads, we are unble state down the pricing of every model. Call us to recieve a hassle free quotation on screen replacement for your Thinkpad.

This is the most common fault in the hardy Thinkpad series, As much as IBM strive to keep defects to it’s minimal, physical wear and tear on the keyboard are still unavoidable.

IBM ThinkPad Notebook Keyboard

If your system time resets to default often, your CMOS battery is depleted. Good news is for most IBM Thinkpads, the battery is located at the bottom of the laptop and can be easily accessed.

IBM ThinkPad CMOS Battery

There is a very useful diagnostic tool integrated in all IBM motherboards. In case of fan failure, user will recieve a beeping code displaying “Fan Error” on screen. Do not continue using the laptop as it will cause further damage to the mainboard.

IBM ThinkPad Cooling Fan

The coverage of software errors we troubleshoot is dynamic, we welcome any forms of computer problem you are facing. If we are not of any help, there will be no charge. We practice a “No Fix No Charge” policy.

IBM Laptop Software Troubleshooting

Issues like no boot might look dreadful to you, but in actual, it is usually only one IC chip’s fault. We simply have to disassemble the machine and replace one or two chips and the computer will be fully functional again. A complimentary full hardware test is entitled to every mainboard repair.

IBM ThinkPad Motherboard Repair Service

Broken Laptop LCD Replacement

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

We endeavor to complete all LED screen replacement services on-the-spot. Usually can be completed within an hour.

Common problems are single key missing or some keys not responding. Depending on the symptom we are able to address to the problem accordingly

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Many Other IBM ThinkPad Laptop Repair Services Available

Feel free to call/sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

IBM ThinkPad Internal DVD/CD Rom Drive

Bad sectors are the most common found fault on laptops, symptoms are undectable unless tested with professional tools. This issue is the main cause for lag.

The estimated cost of replacement of an IBM Thinkpad internal DVD Drive is about S$70, prices vary between models. Parts and replacement can be completed within 30-60mins.

IBM Thinkpad Notebook Internal Hard Disks

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