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Broken LCD Panel

Mainboard Repair

Slow Response

Keyboard Replacement

Macbook Repair

Auto Shutdown

Price of LCD Replacement varies on the model of your Laptop. Tell me the model of your computer for a price check. Call Alden at 9633 1094 for a price check.

As this repair process requires circuit tracing and stability testing. It cannot be fixed on the spot. Call Alden at 9633 1094 for circuit board repair. (Pick-up & delivery Available)

30 Days Warranty Included

Viruses or faulty hardware could be the cause behind the lag. I can tune it back to track . Call Alden at 9633 1094 for a tune-up today.

If some of the keys of your laptop is not working, a simple replacement of keyboard will fix the problem. Call Alden at 9633 1094 for a price check.

I am specialized in Apple repair, an exclusive set of skill that not all techs are able to help you with. Call Alden at 9633 1094 for a quotation for your precious apple device.

Auto Shutdown is a sign of over-heating or hardware error, send it in to me early to prevent further damage. Call Alden at 9633 1094 for hardware diagnostics today.

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Many Other Laptop Repair Services Available.

Call Alden @ 9633 1094 for a Fixed Price Quote.