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Empire IT is proud to present to you a comprehensive range of repair services for your beloved laptop

Empire IT provides a vast range of services for all makes and models of laptop. By having a deep understanding of laptop repair, our technicians are able to solve critical computer issues. You are welcomed to drop by our workshop, or give us a call for an on-site appointment. We welcome anyone with computer troubles, doubts or issues anytime, any day. We’ll provide the best qualilty of service to you.

Laptop Hard Disk Drive Replacement

Laptop storage comes in different forms, ranging from hard drives to solid state drives. Some are easy to replace and some requires alot of disassembly workmanship. No matter its’ variation, we are unable to replace it when needed.



Laptop Repair service available

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Keyboard failure generally appear in two forms, unreponsive click or broken keys. Repair cost is determined largely by the model of your laptop.

Laptop Repair

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

LCD/LED Display Panel(All Models)

One of the most commonly seen issue on a laptop would be broken displays. We provide replacements for all laptop LCD/LED displays, on the spot, in your presence. The duration of repair will depend on the model of your laptop.

Hours of long usage could lead to overheating or fan failure. Over time, cloaks of dust form between the fan and heat sink area. This blocks the air from flowing out of your machine. It will take an approximate duration of 3 hours to complete a fan service or replacement.

Laptop Fan

(All Models)

The area where all your data is being kept and used. It is common to see hard drive failures on any laptops over 1 year of usage. Due to its structure, it operates on a spinning mechanism to read and write. Wherever there’s a moving mechanism, wear and tear can occur.

Internal Hard Disk Drive(HDD)

This part that enable mobility usage often give way after a period of 1-2years, battery failure is due to multiple cycles of charging and discharging. We have batteries for all brands and models available.

Laptop Batteries

The power jack is soldered directly to the main board of your laptop and we are able to replace it. We have all kinds of ports available for your needs and the time taken to replace this would be estimated 3 hours.

Power Jack

If you are experiencing slow or lag on your system when you multitask programs, then you might need to consider upgrading your internal ram module on your laptop. Ram does not increase speed, does no increase storage capacity, but it increases the amount of programs you can run at once. The more resource your program takes, the more ram you’ll need.

Random Access Memory(Ram)

Mainboard failure comes in no warnings. No display after during turn on is the most common indication of a mainboard failure. What we specialise in, is to trace out the faulty components and chipsets, and do a replacement on the faulty hardwares.

Laptop circuitry tracing and repairs

Software issues

If one or more keys on your laptop’s keyboard is not responding, it is likely that the keyboard is faulty. It could be due to water spillage or wear and tear. In this situation, we’ll replace the entire keyboard.

Software plays the biggest part in your laptop. Depending on how you configure and setup your system, it could be fast and smooth or sluggish and lagging. Many individuals tend to upgrade their hardware to fix this issue, but we can meet your needs without you spending hefty amount of funds on hardware. We also provide virus cleanup and full reinstallation service.

Notebook Keyboards

(All Models)

Product Brands

Mobile Devices