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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Lenovo Laptop

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

We provide over the counter screen replacement services, carry in to our workshop and oversee the installation procedure take place.



Lenovo Replacement Keyboard

Lenovo Internal Hard-Disk Drive

Does your DVD-Rw Drive fail to read files properly? Or only detect CDs but not DVDs? Bring it down to us and get it replaced by us today. Approx. Time: 30mins.

Lenovo Replacement DVD Drive

Broke your laptop hinge? Does it feel lose when you open and close your lappy? This indicates that your laptop’s hinges are malfunctioning

Lenovo Laptop Hinges

Lenovo has a self diagnostic function for faulty fan. During startup, it shows fan error to protect itself from further damaging it’s board.

Lenovo Laptop Fan

Have you ever felt that your PC is getting slower from time to time? Softwares does not work the way it was? Or annoying errors keep popping up? Look for us and we’ll solve your software issue on the spot.

Lenovo Software Troubleshooting & Support

You can’t power on your PC no matter how hard you tried? Even when your adapter is not at fault? The mainboard is the culprit of these issues.

Lenovo Mainboard Circuitry Repair Service

Lenovo notebook display panels

Many Other Lenovo Laptop Repair Services Available

Feel free to call/sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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We understand that time is precious and waiting for items to load is a nuisance, bring your laptop to us today to maximize its computing speed.

Lenovo Laptop Repair

Accidentally dropped your laptop and caused a screen breakage? Or do pixel lines appear suddenly in any part of your display? A new screen is what you need ! Time taken for replacement: est. 2 hours

Did you spill water on your keyboard accidentally? One or few of keys is not responding? We can replace a new keyboard for your Lenovo laptop. est. time: 1 hour

No hard drive detected is displayed during boot-up? Incredibly slow OS booting up time? These symptoms might be indicating a failing hard disk drive.

Is your computer’s speed slow?

Empire IT are made up of mainly professionals that are specialized in individual areas such as circuitry repair, precision fault tracing and meticulous workmanship. With a diverse set of technicians centralized, we are confident in resolving your difficult computer problems you might pose to us.

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