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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Macbook Air

As an Apple fan ourselve, we understand that experts in Apple software are hard to come by. In order to serve you better, we have polished our technical skills and are delighted to include convenient repair services for your Macbook Air. Do contact us on our hotline or drop by our service centre for a free over the table evaluation.

Macbook Air LED Replacement

We have the most competive prices for replacing Macbook Air displays. Stocks are directly imported from the factories that produce the original screens.



Macbook Air Airport Card

Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement

We replace your data storage card with the original parts. Service is included with operating system installation, ensuring a fully working Mac Air after repair.

Macbook Air M-Sata Solid State Drive

Clouded fans is the root cause of faulty mainboards, change your fan early to prevent further damage to your beloved Apple computers.

Macbook Air Internal Fan Replacement

Our team are passionate in resolving your frustrating computer issues, we recieve job satisfactory from clearing off sticky problems that has been bothering you for a long time. Visit us to improve your understanding on computers.

Macbook OS X Troubleshooting

Symptoms like no boot are categorized under Logic board repair. We have a specialized technician catered to replacing IC chips for your faulty mainboards.

Macbook Air Circuitory Level Repair

Macbook Air Slim LED Replacement

Many Other Macbook Air Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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Up to date, we have sped up countless Apple computers by ram increment or software optimizations. Saving our customer lots of their precious time in total.

Macbook Air Repair

This repair procedure is very delicate and we encourage you to send it to our experience techies for a smoother repair process to achieve a scratchless finish.

Common symptom of a faulty air port card is “Greyed Out Icon” on your desktop. This job simply require replacement of only one component. We are able to effectively complete the repair within 30mins.

No diagnostics required, we can replace the Macbook Air keyboard on the spot if the keys are not responding. No charges if procedure doesn’t resolve the issue.

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