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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Macbook Pro

Empire IT carry a comprehensive range of IT services such as Macbook Hard Disk Replacement, Macbook Logic board repair to Network set up in SME or residential environments. All our services are covered by 30 to 90 days of standard warranty. Please feel free to contact me on my hotline for any enquiry or requests you may have.

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Macbook Pro screens are sealed behind the black borders of your laptop and requires very delicate workmanship to extract. Send it to our experienced technician to be safe.



Macbook Pro Air Port Card

Macbook Pro Trackpad

If your hard disk is producing ticking noises, it’s a symptom of a failing hard drive, We provide disk replacement inclusive of Genuine Mac OS installation.

Macbook Pro Hard Drive

Faulty Macbook Pro fan could lead to serious chip burns, If your’s is not working well, send it to us early to prevent further damage on your valuable laptop

Macbook Pro Fan

Thinking of maximizing your computing speed? Consult us about the maximum Ram your model can support, we know it at our fingertips.

Macbook Pro Ram

The Mac OS is impressive, however when it meet software errors, it could be quite meddling to be held back from being able to use it like usual. We understand how it feels and we’re glad to help you resolve it.

Macbook Pro Software

Unlike the other motherboards, the chipset placement of this mainboard runs on a unique pattern, in order to fix it. Experience coupled with circuit blueprint is required, and we are quipped with the niche set of skills needed.

Macbook Pro logic board

Macbook Pro Display

Many Other Macbook Pro Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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Mac OS has a common problem of having an extensively long boot up speed. We are able to resolve the problem while retaining your important data.

Macbook Pro Repair

Did you accidentally crack your Macbook Pro LED screen or pixel lines are starting to appear across the display? Those are common symptoms of LED fault. Bring it in to us and we can replace it within a single working day.

If you are having trouble connecting to the internet using Wi-Fi. The only part that has to be replaced is the AirPort card. No diagnostics charges, no hidden fees.

If your mouse cursor runs haywire when you touch your trackpad, it could be a virus problem or faulty hardware, bring it to us for a free over the counter evaluation.

Is your computer’s speed slow?

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