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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Macbook White

We offer high quality PC repair services at affordable prices. As a customer minded company, we work hard to exceed your expectations. As part of our after sales service, each computer is entitled to a 30-90 days standard warranty period after repair. Do contact us via our hotline for more information.

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

We have ready stock kept in our inventory for 13” Macbook White, send it to our skilled techies to get it fixed within a single day.



Macbook White Air Port Card(Wi-Fi)

Macbook White English Keyboard

As hard drives are moving mechanism, it is more prone to wear and tear. To avoid data loss or paying considerable cost for data recovery, check your hard disk frequently.

Macbook White 2.5inch Hard Disk

If the rattling noise emitting out of your notebook is excessively loud, it could be due to a stuck object hindering the regular spinning course

Macbook White Internal Fan Assembly

Most Macbook white models can support up to a maximum of 4GB of ram. Do drop by our workshop for a free evaluation and advises on maximum ram capability for your model.

Macbook White Laptop Ram

There is a common saying that Mac OS are less susceptible to viruses. This is very untrue as Apple products are becoming more prevalent in the market.

Macbook OS X Troubleshooting

A great plus point for Apple products are its resale value and reusability even in the fast paced technology market. If yours has a single Logic Board issue, Try out our no fix no charge repair service.

Macbook White Components Level Repair

Macbook White LCD Screen

Many Other Macbook White Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or sms 9633 1094(Alden Chong) for any enquiries.

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Do not belittle the Macbook White’s processor speed, It just needs to be tagged with higher memory and software optimizations to run better.

Macbook White Repair

The display of macbook white generally comes in the size of 13 inches, Taking advantage of the fixed model variations, we always have ready stock for Macbook displays screens.

This part controls the wireless feature of your Macbook White, If you’re receiving abnormally weak signal, consult us to resolve your connectivity issues today.

No diagnostics required, we replace the Macbook immediately if some buttons are not functioning. We believe in minimal waiting time and using transparent system.

Is your computer’s speed slow?

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