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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Samsung Laptop

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Yes we offer screen replacement for samsung too. iPhone/iPads/Galaxies/Laptops and popular gadgets under the sun.



Samsung-Compatible Keyboards

Samsung Internal Hard-Disk Drive

Your current DVD-Drive might be not be able to read DVD, Send it to us and we can replace a new one for you within a single day.

Samsung Optical CD Drive

Fan problems can lead to other serious component level damage, if you find out that your fan is not working properly, send it to us for a cleaning or replacement.

Samsung Stock Laptop Cooling Fan

Our team is not only specialized in hardware repairs but also the software counterpart. We can troubleshoot frustrating computing usage problems for you.

Samsung Software Troubleshooting & Support

Small little IC chips, resistor and capacitors might look like jigsaw puzzle on a laptop’s motherboard, but to our skilled technicians, we are able to trace and replace the faulty components.

Samsung Mainboard Circuitry Repair Service

Samsung LCD Screens

Many Other Samsung Laptop Repair Services Available

Feel free to call/sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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Do you take showers while waiting for your computer to start-up? Time to send it to us for a check.

Samsung Laptop Repair

Samsung laptop commonly come in 2 sizes, 13.3” and 14.1”, if your’s is one of those two and require replacement. We welcome you to our workshop and we’ll be able to replace the screen for you immediately.

Thought of junking your current laptop and buy a new one? Think again, a new laptop at $599 might not be comparable to your current specs. We offer keyboard replacement at affordable prices.

If your current OS is corrupted by viruses and malwares, simply replace your HDD and install a fresh copy of OS, By doing that, you don’t lose any precious data while being able to enjoy a new clean OS.

Is your computer’s speed slow?

Empire IT considers your convenience as an priority, we are a highly adaptable company that can adjust our practices to accomplish customer satisfactory. By having experiences in various forms of IT service, we are able to resolve a considerable amount of computer errors, not limiting to only software or hardware laptop issues.

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