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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Samsung S-III

Empire IT is a technology company specializing in professional IT services at inexpensive prices. We are technically trained in repairing popular mobile and laptop brands. Throughout the years operating in this industry, our technical services now cover a wide spectrum of IT products.

Samsung S-III Repair



Android Software

Our expertise include troubleshooting of software problems of your Samsung Android mobile. Feel free to drop by our service centre for a free evaluation on software issue.

Original Samsung S-III LED Display Panel. Parts and replacement included. Repair process can be done on the spot. Duration required: 30 minutes. Latest Pricing: $160

Galaxy S3 LED Display

We provide repair services for “No Signal, Unable to turn on or Water-Damaged” Logic Board problems. We have successfully repaired non-booting S3 while preserving it’s data and configurations.

Galaxy S3 Logic Board

Broken Samsung S-III Screen

Water Damaged Samsung S-III

We provide replacement services for broken Samsung S-III Touch Panels.

We provide in depth Logic Board tracing and IC Chip replacement for “Water-Damaged Logic Board”.

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We’re able to flash custom roms upon request, please note that data wipe is necessary to flash successfully. A custom rom is a third-party developed operating system. Usually comes with a modern design and flushes off useless apps.

Custom Rom Installation

This feature unlock developer rights for your device, allowing you to install some very useful applications restricted by mobile makers.

Super User Installation