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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Samsung S-IV

Samsung S-IV Repair



Android Software

Our expertise include troubleshooting of software problems on Samsung Android mobile. Feel free to drop by our service centre for a free evaluation on your software issue.

Original Samsung S-IV LED Display Panel. Parts and replacement included. Check with us today for the latest pricing.

Galaxy S4 LED Display

We provide circuit level diagnostics and repair service for “Water-Damaged, Unable to turn on or No Signal” Logic Board problems.

Galaxy S4 Logic Board

Broken Samsung S-IV Screen

Water Damaged Samsung S-IV

We provide replacement services for broken Samsung S-IV Touch Panels.

We provide in depth Logic Board tracing and IC Chip replacement for “Water-Damaged Logic Board”.

Many Other Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair Services Available

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Empire IT offers unparalleled customer satisfactory in terms of repair services, we provide highest quality, strongest warranties and swiftest repair duration, most devices are repaired within a time span of 2 hours. Empire IT focuses on building customer relations based on reliability and quality.

Product Brands

Mobile Devices


This component is susceptible to broken connectors during the process of sim card changing. We provide reasonable pricing and on-the-spot service for replacing this part.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Reader

We have all the colours of back cases ready in stock for your convenience. This job on takes only one minute, as the back case can be easily replaced.

Samsung S4 Rear Case Housing

We recommend to keep a spare i9500 battery in reach, it works better then portable chargers. it is slim, light and convenient to carry around.

Original Samsung S4 Internal Battery Pack