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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved Toshiba Laptop

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

We provide On-The-Spot solution for broken Laptop LCD Panels. We have a large amount of LCD/LEDs kept in stock, enabling a quick turnaround time for LCD replacement service.



Toshiba Notebook Replacement Keyboard

Toshiba Internal HDD(Hard Disk Drive)

Dvd-RW drives have a sensitive laser reading head that transfer data from the disc. As usage increase, the drive tends to become faulty. Time Required: 1 hour.

Toshiba Internal DVD-RW Drive

Fan not functioning well in laptops happen very often after 1-2 years of usage. A malfunctioning fan could harm your laptop’s mainboard. Time needed: Est. 1.5 hour

Toshiba Fan Cleaning or Replacement Service

No matter what software problems you have, ranging from internet security breach to malware infections, our team will try our best to resolve them for you.

Toshiba Software Issues Troubleshooting

The most common main board fault on toshiba laptop falls on power issue, If your laptop shuts down suddenly after the boot up sequence, it is a symptom of faulty power circuit.

Toshiba Mainboard Repair Service

Toshiba Display Screen(LCD/LED)

Many Other Toshiba Laptop Repair Services Available

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Is your computer’s speed slow?

Still remember the speed of your laptop when you first bought it? Laptops are designed to operate at that speed. We are able to offer you advices and solutions to keep your computer’s speed on track.

Toshiba Laptop Repair

Faulty cracked display screens or pixel lines appearing out of nowhere? Bring in to us and we’ll change it for you on the spot. Approximate Time Taken: 1 hour.

Having trouble pressing your keyboard keys normally? It indicates that your keyboard is faulty. Change of single keyboard buttons available too. Time Required: 1 hour.

Hard drives has a internal reading mechanism that function rapidly on the fly, If shock is induced, it might shift to an unexpected position causing reading disabilities. Estimated Time needed for Hard-Drive replacement is 2-3 hours.

Broken hinges affect the opening and closing of the laptop’s lid, If yours is broken, we can change your hinge for you. Time requirement: Approx. 2 hours.

Toshiba Laptop Hinge

Our company strives to troubleshoot your computer problems precisely, every repair procedure taken or offered are accurate solutions that will make your computer run wonderfully smooth again, we treat each laptop as if it they were our own, we try to exercise meticulous workmanship, and strive to allow our repair work last longer.

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