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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved iMac



iMac Power Supply Unit

iMac Internal Hard-Disk Drive

Connectivity is the most important function for computers nowadays, If your wireless network is undetectable, we offer both onsite networking solutions or carry-in AirPort card replacement service

iMac Internet Air Port Card

CDs often get stuck inside the Super Drive, sometimes there are no alternative method other then doing a full disassembly on the iMac and extract the CD manually.

iMac SuperDrive

iMac uses laptop sized memory chips, it is placed at the bottom of your machine and locked by a single torx screw. We provide ram upgrades with no installation charges.

iMac Memory Chips

Apple no longer provide recovery CDs upon purchasing their computers, If you need a fresh copy of OS, we provide installation services at reasonable prices.

iMac Software Issue Troubleshoot

iMac Screen Assembly

Many Other iMac Repair Services Available

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We provide over the counter diagnostics and provide practical solutions that can improve computing speed significantly. Counter evaluation is free!

iMac Repair

The display screen of an iMac is a standalone part, replacing this portion will not affect the feasibility of the other components in your computer.

As all power supplies are composed of power ICs and high voltage capacitors, they are very susceptible to component damages. We can run a hardware diagnostics of your unbootable iMac and replace the power supply accordingly.

Replacing the iMac’s internal hard-disk could be a hefty task without the proper tools. Our techs are able to do it quickly with the correct tools and experience.

Is your computer’s speed slow?

Our company offer professional workmanship at attractive prices. Our team are well versed to provide on the spot services as much as possible, always concerning your convenience as a piority. We do not compromise on quality while providing fast turn around services, each job will be entitled to a minimum 30 - 90 days of standard warranty.

iMac Internal Fan Cleaning

If you frequently use your iMac in dusty environments, dust might be clogged inside your computer. This is one of the root determinant for motherboard damage. Send your computer to us for a fan cleaning service today.

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