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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved iPad 2

Empire IT is an established company specializing in iPad, iPhone, Laptop Repair repair services, with a high productivity of repairing IT products everyday, 7 days a week. For the past decade, we have gained excellent reputation for our dedicated services that we have been providing to our customers throughout Singapore.

iPad 2 Repair



iPad 2 Home Button Circuit Board

We provide replacement services for un-responsive home button of iPad 2. Estimated Duration: 2 hours.

The workmanship of iPad 2 LED Display panel replacement requires advance workmanship, involving usage of high temperature blower. We advise to send it to our technically trained techs for the replacement. Time required: 2 hours.

iPad 2 LED Screen

iPad 2 Digitizer replacement service for broken iPad 2 available. This job requires intricate labour, we recommend you to send it to our experienced techies for repair. Estimated duration taken: 2 hours.

iPad 2 Digitizer(Touch Screen Panel)

iPad 2 Batteries are designed to be amazingly lasting, if your battery percentage decreases at a steep rate. We encourage you to send it in to us for a replacement of a brand new iPad 2 Battery.

iPad 2 Li-on Polymer Battery Pack

iPad 2 Logic Board

Broken iPad Screen

Motherboard Damaged iPad

The digitizer can be replaced within 2 - 3 hours depending on the extend of the damage. Call us to check out our competitive price today.

Faulty iPad logic boards are usually caused by oxidization or loose connection. Bring it to us for a in-depth trace and repair.

Many Other iPad 2 Repair Services Available

Feel free to contact me @ -Taking a short break-) for any enquiries.

Our technicians are able to execute components level circuit tracing for your iPad, send it to us if your iPad is functioning irregularly.

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