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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a comprehensive range of repair services for your beloved iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Repair



iPhone 4 Home Button Repair

At Empire IT, we understand that your iPhone is an essential gadget. Thats why we offer On-the-Spot repair services for irresponsive iPhone 4 Home Button issues, Estimated Time: 20mins.

Our experienced technicians are able to replace your broken or faulty iPhone 4 Display Panel right on the spot. Est. duration taken: 30minutes.

iPhone 4 Digitizer/LED Display Panel Replacement

Some common symptom of a faulty iPhone 4 power button are: “sinked button, broken iPhone 4 frame, unresponsive button”. Repair cost for replacing the power button circuit is fixed at $30. Est. Time: 30mins

iPhone 4 Power Button/Proximity Sensor Flex Cable

Irresponsive volume button could be due to a broken linkage that connects to the Logic board. Our techs are able to repair that in a single day. Duration taken: 30mins

iPhone 4 Volume Button Fix

Tip: Do not use third party iPhone adapters, as it could cause permanent damage to your Phone or it’s dock connector. Bring it to us for a free diagnostics if you’re unsure. Est Time Taken for dock replacement: 30mins

iPhone 4 Docking Board repair

iPhone has unique circuit board patterns that our techies are very familiar with. We have a healthy succession rate on repairing severely water damaged logic board.

iPhone 4 Mainboard Circuitry

iPhone batteries are designed to last for a long time, but if yours is depleted due to wear and tear, get yours changed today at our service centre, Est. time take: 5mins

iPhone 4 Li-on Polymer Battery Pack

Broken Iphone Screen

Water Damaged Iphone

Up to date, our company have replaced a large amount of iPhone screens, we are experienced and provide on-the-spot service for LCD replacement.

iPhone logic boards are meticulously built and ICs are strategically placed. Our techs are well versed in its components and can perform circuitry troubleshooting on all iPhone boards.

Many Other iPhone 4 Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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Our company provides premium services at reasonable rates. Every technician are trained to provide on the spot service as much as possible, always keeping in mind your convenience as our priority. We do not compromise on quality while providing fast turn around services, each job will be entitled to minimum 30 - 90 days of standard warranty.

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