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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved iPhone 4s

Our company envisions to induce a fresh concept into Singapore, We offer IT services in multiple categories such as mobile devices, home desktops and also notebooks. We aim to be distinctive and strive to achieve recognition. For more information of the services we offer, please give us a call on our hotline.

iPhone 4s Repair



iPhone 4s Home Button Circuit

We provide on-the-spot repair for un-responsive home button, we repair by replacing a brand new home button circuitry beneath the iPhone’s frame. Est. Duration: 10mins

Replacement of 4s screen is inexpensive and can be done within a 1 hour duration. iPhone 4S LED display panel replacement is at a flat rate of $80.

iPhone 4s Digitizer/LED Display Panel

All-In-One flex cable for power button and ambience light sensor. You might need to replace this part when your power button is sunk in. Cost of repair is at $30. Est. time: 30mins

iPhone 4s Power Button/Proximity Sensor Flex Cable

iPhone 4s power button, our expertise repairs the curved metal spring below the iPhone 4s frame, resolving stuck power button issues. Estimated time taken: 30mins

iPhone 4s Silver Power Button

This part consist multiple electronic components that support the iPhone 4s charging, speaker and microphone function. Bring your faulty phone to us for a quick fix. Approx. Time taken: 20mins

iPhone 4s Dock Connector Board

We provide in-depth Logic board tracing and IC Chip replacement service for “Water-Damaged Logic Board”, “Unable to On” or “Low Signal” issues.

iPhone 4s Mainboard Circuitry Repair

iPhone 4s battery is designed to last at least one whole day of usage, if yours doesn’t, you might consider contacting me to get it replaced today. Time req.: 5mins. Rate for battery replacement is at $30.

iPhone 4s Li-on Polymer Battery Pack

Broken Iphone Screen

Water Damaged Iphone

Did you just break your favorite mobile device? Worry not, repairing it is cost effective and enables you fetch a higher value selling it thereafter.

Our team are technically trained to repair component level faults on water damaged iPhones.

Many Other iPhone 4s Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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