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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved iPhone 5C

Empire IT envisions to present you with hassle free repair services, we recognize that mobile phone needs to be functional round the clock. Based on that, we try to minimize the down time of your mobile devices and endeavor to meticulously replace only the faulty parts without affecting good components, maintaining 100% of functionality after every repair.

iPhone 5c Repair



iPhone 5c Cracked Screen Replacement Service

The part replaced for cracked iPhone are inclusive of a touch panel and LED display panel. Restoring the out of the box feel after replacing a 100% brand new and scratch-free display.

This issue isn’t actually caused by the physical power button but the flex circuit that sits directly below it. This cable also control the volume buttons, if you had any issues with volume controls, replacing this cable will fix those problems too.

iPhone 5c Power/Volume Circuit Replacement

Unresponsive click is caused by wear and tear of the flex cable(right) placed directly below your home button, we strive to provide swift services on replacing that single component.

iPhone 5c Home Button Repair

In case you broke your iPhone 5C casing. White, red, green, blue and yellow replacement cases are ready in stock for your convenience.

iPhone 5c Rear Casing Replacement

Common symptom for faulty earphone jacks is that only one side of earphones work. This is caused by a broken cable responsible for transmitting the sound signals.

iPhone 5c Audio Jack Replacement

We have an 90% succession rate on repairing phones that have been damaged by moisture. Call or SMS us for the latest pricing on this repair.

iPhone 5c Logic Board Repair

iPhone 5s Brand New Battery Pack

Broken Iphone Screen

Water Damaged Iphone

Cracked display repair are straight forward and transparent. We do it on the spot to ensure that only the screen is replaced. Estimated Duration: 30mins.

Component level repair are performed on water damaged logic boards. Process included are disassembly, fault tracing, chipset replacement and stability testing.

iPhone 5c Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or SMS 9633 1094(Alden) for any enquiries.

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Refresh your iPhone’s battery life to that out of the box lasting standards. We can quickly replace your depleted battery with a new one within 30minutes.

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