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Empire IT is delighted to present you with a full range of repair services for your beloved iPhone 5S

Empire IT is proud to bring to you a comprehensive range of repair services for your latest iPhone. Despite it’s recent release, we already have the replacement parts kept ready in stock, striving to provide you with On-The-Spot repair services for your convenience. Call us now to check out on our competitive prices.

iPhone 5s Repair



iPhone 5s LED Display Panel Replacement

Cracked your iPhone 5s? No problem, we are adapted to replacing the digitizer effectively, bringing back the phone to its original condition within 30 minutes.

Jammed or unresponsive power button are caused by just one small circuit layered behind the casing, replacing that small connector will resolve any power button issues. (estimated 45mins)

iPhone 5s Power Button Replacement

iPhone 5s Home Button Repair

Your current back casing might be scratched or dented, fret not as we are able to replace a brand new back housing on-the-spot and restore the fresh out of box touch for your iPhone 5S. (1-2 hours process)

iPhone 5s Rear Casing Replacement

We’ve came across stucked materials inside the audio jack causing malfunction when using headphones. We advise not to use sharp tools to remove the objects as it would cause permanent damage to the fragile circuit internally.

iPhone 5s Audio Jack Replacement

If your iPhone is unable to power up or has been dampen by water, send it to us for a component level fault tracing and circuitry repair. 30 days warranty is provided after completion.

iPhone 5s Circuitry Level Repair

iPhone 5s Brand New Battery Pack

Broken Iphone Screen

Water Damaged Iphone

Up to date, Empire IT have repaired a huge quantity of phone displays, we are trained with providing on-the-spot LED display panel replacement services.

For phones that are damaged by moisture, we urge you to send your mobile device to a professional early. Based on past cases, corrosion usually takes place within 1 day upon contact with moisture, rendering the phone to a irrepairable state.

Many Other iPhone 5s Repair Services Available

Feel free to call or sms -Taking a short break- for any enquiries.

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An iPhone’s battery life should span about 2 days of basic usage. Replace a brand new battery pack with us to enjoy the out of the box battery lifespan again.

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The newest iphone model has fingerprint security sensors embedded on its home button. We practice a more secure method of replacing the entire part instead of only cleaning. Time required: est 30min